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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kings of the Arab States, for the sake of Islam, give up your throne

Prophet Muhammad is not a King, he was the Apostle of God and the leader of the Muslims in the Arab lands before he died. He did not testament the leadership of the people and the Islamic Country to his sons or his relatives after his death.

Prophet Muhammad put upon the capacity and ability of a person as a principle quality to be a leader. Never did he qualify that blood and descendant as a condition or principle to be a leader.

Unfortunately selecting leadership in Islam has been manipulated by some parties in Islam, so that the ruling of dynasties and Kings in the Islamic countries was created, which is very contrary to the spirit of Islam itself.

Islam always emphasizes the all time leader should be by his morals and capacity, and this may not necessarily be produced by the descendants of a King or his dynasty system.

Sadly, there is a King in most Arab States now, be it from the monarchy or a constitutional King. Among them; the King of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate King, King of Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain's King, King, King of Jordan and King of Morocco.

Other Arab Nations such as Egypt, Iraq and Libya also have Kings ruling the countries before they were overthrown.

Many people, including Muslims themselves, believe that the Government of the Islamic State must have a King. This is not a precise and misleading understanding towards Islam.

The Kings of these Arab countries, including the leaders of the Arab Countries, ruled as a dictator and autocratic using the backings of the muftis who will issued a fatwa which will defend and reinforce the position of the Kings and leaders.

For example, the mufti of Egypt ‘Ali Jum’ah – who appeared on Egypt TV asking the people of Egypt to stop the street demonstration against Egypt President Mubarak. He issued a ban using religious views, on those who demonstrated against Mubarak. He even supported the steps taken by Mubarak, alleging it as a move for reformation for the next seven months period.

But we all know that the people's mass demonstration should be seconded, and finally they were able to liberate Egypt from Mubarak’s claw. That's how the role played by the muftis of the other Arab countries, in maintaining the position of the leaders and Arab kings with their 'religious' fatwa.

Therefore, we called to the rest of the Kings and autocratic leaders of the Arab Countries to retire from their Thrones for the sake of Islam. We do not want Islam to be seen and to be understood as misleading.

The Arab States is the epitome of Islamic countries, therefore they must be the State example to other Islamic countries. Go back to the true Islamic way.

The Arab countries should be the first to practice and a pioneer to the democracy system because democracy is suited with the spirit of Islam that gives priority to safety, security, freedom and justice.

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