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Friday, February 05, 2010

If you think there is no God, you're totally wrong

By using a computer, one can do many things from word processing, data processing, even sending email and chatting to our friends whom are thousands of kilometers away.

Surely the hardware and the software of the computers cannot be built by itself. We all know, without a doubt that computers are developed and built by man.

From sophisticated equipment like computers and robots to as simple equipment such as tooth pick, these are all man-made, not created by itself or naturally built.

Logically, the brain that created the sophisticated computers and robots, are surely more sophisticated than the computers and robots itself.

A very high intelligent value is needed in creating the brain, heart and blood system, kidney and its filtration system, eyes, ear and other parts of our body.

If camera needs a lens to focus on an object image while taking a photo, our eyes are also provided with a flexible lens for the same purpose, but who installed the lens into our eyes?

To move the mechanical arms of robots, there is a need to a micro computer programming and control system which works based on the sensors. This principle also applied in our body, where our brain with the help of eyes as sensing element can control our arms to move smoothly as we will. It may looks easy but it is a very complicated process when come to apply it to a robot, yet not as perfect as ours.

Basically, we are created perfect enough to live comfortably on this earth. We can hear sound and see clearly without any aids. On top of that we were given a very priceless organ, the brain, with which we are able to invent, improvise and develop the world to improve our living standard.

From a mere sketch on a piece of paper a multi storey building can be built. A big tree starts from a tiny seed. We ourselves are also developed from a tiny of sperm which contains all the information of our future characters and patterns. Who did all such things? It is impossible that those things are created by natural way. Therefore, there is no doubt of the existing of God. The more you think, the more you will concur to the idea that God exist.

Why Islam?
Generally man cannot deny the existing of God. Deep in their heart, they know there is a God. That’s why many human beings always search for their God. As a result, most man in this world believes in God through various forms of religion beliefs. Just to name several, we have the Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Jews, Christians and Islam throughout the world.

All these religions have their own perception about their God. From the Islamic views, we have the one and only God which in Arabic, we call him as "Allah".

According to Islam teaching, all the religions in this world were originally from the same source, it is from Allah. Allah reveals His teaching and guidance through His messengers or prophets which are assigned from people of the community. For example Jesus and Moses are the prophets assigned by Allah for their people at their time, and then become Christian and Jew religion respectively.

The last prophet assigned by Allah for the modern era is Muhammad, the holly book Quran given to Muhammad by Allah is originally maintained and have never been altered or changed since the day of its revelation.

There have been different versions of Bible and Torah, these two holly books are not guaranteed as original copies. So there is no guarantee that the information in the holly books have never been changed or manipulated.

My reason in saying that, many of science findings in the middle age era has contradict with the church or God’s views. Many scientists have been killed because they are considered as church opponent. A measure had been taken to solve this problems, secularism has been introduced separating the religion from the government.

In fact, it is not because the science does not agree with religion and God, but the truth of the religion has been altered and manipulated by man. As result, the religion no longer represents the true guidance from God but the view from those religions broker.

As a result, many followers are disappointed with the religion, since they know that the religion is true but why are some teachings not in sequence with science. There is a conflict of truth between religion and science, thus resulting to many becoming atheists and freethinkers.

But in Islam, Quran has always agreed with science. Islam also has faced the same problem of misinterpretation by his followers and religious leaders but fortunately, Islam has Quran which has never been changed and altered. So Muslims can easily refer, at anytime, to Quran should anybody wants to hijack the Islam teaching for their own interest or agenda.

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