Buat renungan saudara-saudara ku yang memilih wadah keganasan dalam perjuangan:
"Bukanlah tujuan Nabi itu diturunkan untuk membunuh manusia kafir tetapi adalah untuk mengeluarkan manusia dari kekafiran".

Saturday, May 09, 2009


KATA-KATA aluan dari berbagai lapisan rakyat dalam masa dua bulan DS Najib menjadi PM:

CY: After what we had seen in Ipoh yesterday, I am convinced that Najib is digging his own grave. He is being very helpful in assisting all Malaysians to make a decision about who they need to govern the country.Looking on the bright side, I'd suggest that Najib continue to do what he's best at. That will make the next general election much easier for Pakatan and the rakyat!

Oscar the Grouch: Dear Mr Speaker Sivakumar, you are the hero - you da' man - ‘jantan tulen'.You have shown great courage - standing alone in battle - against the mighty combined forces of the federal government, the monarchy and the police.You did not budge - you did not waver. I had expected you to falter. After all, any ordinary man would.But you held on, demonstrating nerves of steel. And held on you did - before you were physically removed from the speaker's chair.I come to understand that you were mildly injured during the scuffle. Worry not, for you shall wear those physical scars proudly as your crowning glory for the people of Malaysia.I bow to you, dear Sir, for you richly deserve my praise. Thank you, dear sir. God bless.

Angry Rakyat: What is wrong with BN? Why are they desperate for power in Perak? Is there any gold mine that is waiting to be uncorked by BN cronies in Perak? Even people having breakfast in a restaurant are arrested. Is this the kind of freedom that we voted for?I am so sad with the political developments in Perak. This is the beginning of the end of BN. When is that? The next GE. Wait and see.

Vastu Raman: It's shame on Malaysian democracy. If Umno can throw away a legitimate speaker in a barbarian manner, then I don't have anything to say other than ‘demokrasi Malaysia dah masuk longkang'. But believe me, Malaysian will rectify this in the 13th general election and I'm committed to change the barbarian rule.

Perak Citizen: I respect and wish to congratulate the Perak state speaker Sivakumar. He had sacrificed for the nation and especially for the Perak ‘rakyat' by sitting in his chair for almost six hours without food and easing himself.All motions passed by Barisan Nasional (BN) were illegal as the speaker Sivakumar had to pass the motion first.The circus created by BN and appointing a circus clown as a speaker, switching off the speaker's microphone and allowing police to remove the speaker are all illegal.

Anonymous: ‘1Malaysia', 2 speakers, 2 MBs, 2 Perak governments, and 2 ADUNs. This is the meaning of Najib's ‘1Malaysia'. I hope he is happy.

VC: Absolutely disgusting and despicable that BN will resort to such repugnant and vile techniques to snatch power from the people of Perak.They will use any way or method to kidnap the power of the ‘rakyat' to feed their power-hungry pursuits. BN has just lost Perak for a whole generation. ‘1BlackMalaysia' indeed!

WongCiLik: Whether infinite or accidental, the Sultan of Perak has done the right thing for the ‘rakyat'. First in allowing Pakatan to form the government after the March 8 election when he could have let Umno, the single, largest party to do so.Secondly by insisting on a Muslim/Malay to be the MB, he has neutralised the race effects of Pakatan Perak government. I believe any further decision by the Sultan or Regent would be for the ultimate good of the Perak ‘rakyat'.

Steve Yeoh: Isn't the Malaysian currency note a national property? It seems that Jelapang assembly person Hee Yit Foong has committed a serious crime by tearing into pieces the RM1 note that Yew Tian Hoe (DAP-Aulong) showered unto her.Someone please do Malaysia a favour: Lodge a police report, take this criminal to court, and strip her of her status as a state assembly person. One who has no respect for our national property is as good as a traitor. We do not need a traitor as the people's voice.

Isaac Stephen Anthonysamy: Is it in the police's jurisdictions to drag a house speaker out from an Assembly? The police should be ashamed of themselves, sending plainclothes policemen to drag V Sivakumar out of his chair. Two days ago, IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan said that they do not have enough police personnel to combat crimes. But it's amazing that they were able to send hundreds of police personnel to Ipoh. I do not think the Malaysian police are really concerned over the 'rakyat'.

Sang Kancil: The fiasco in Perak, which was created by BN, is nothing but digging their own graves. BN doesn't have the basic decorum to show that they respect the ideology of democracy.

Millionth Citizen: I urge the Pakatan government to be calm. One thing is for sure: in the next GE, it will give the people more excuses to vote for anything but BN. So, BN you can cheat now but remember it is not halal.

Peter Ooi: I am utterly disgusted by the way Sivakumar was ousted by the BN ADUNs. Stop taking the rakyat for a ride. All your antics in the ‘Dewan' were relayed live to all readers on the Internet. The way power was grabbed showed that you and BN ADUNs are no better than highway robbers. Can highway robbers be lawmakers? A real joke it must be.

John Johnson: A number ‘1BlackMalaysia' day indeed. People are being thrown into prison or arrested for being in a coffee shop near the vicinity of the secretariat building, and people were arrested for wearing black.No more fence-sitting and watching our respect, self-esteem, human rights, and dignity being trodden and trampled by the powers that be. Let us seek help from relevant international bodies to scrutinise our government and check the imbalances and irregularities faced by our people here.

Frustrated Malaysian: From yesterday's episode, I doubt our country has a bright future. Police detained the ‘innocents', who in my opinion, do not even pose any threat to the country.From the Perak political fiasco yesterday, there is clearly no justice right now in Malaysia.‘Looking on the bright side, he is being very helpful. I'd suggest that Najib continue to do what he's best at. That will make the next general election much easier for Pakatan and the rakyat.'

Dari Blog Hamirdin:
I.S.A. adalah haram dan berdosa dan mahazalim dari sudut Islam. Saya sangat anti I.S.A. dan sangat anti mereka yang mengguna, mempertahan dan setuju dengan I.S.A.Tetapi apabila Najib membebaskan 13 orang lagi tahananI.S.A., tindakan tersebut bukan menunjukkan keperihatinan pemerintahan sekarang kepada derita rakyat, tetapi menunjukkan kebodohan dan kebebalan pimpinan sekarang.Manoharan pasang bubu, dan Najib dengan senang hati masuk ke dalamnya.

Sebenarnya bukan dengan senang hati, tetapi dengan berat hati, kerana terpaksa. Kalau tidak bebaskan susah, kalau tidak bebaskan pun susah.Hocus pocus di DUN Perak adalah sembelihan terakhir untuk UMNO, dan dalam keadaan ia memerlukan pertolongan cemas membebaskan tahanan ISA disangka menjadi mouth to mouth resuscitation.Tetapi itulah dioxin untuk UMNO.

Dari Blog Bawean Termenung:
Betapa takutnya Najib dengan 'badi' pilihan raya kecil. Pilihan raya kecil suatu yang cukup menggerunkan Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak. Ini kerana terdapat badi dalam pilihan raya kecil yang amat menghantui Najib. Badi kekalahan yang sukar diterima Barisan Nasional (BN).Selain itu terdapat badi jelmaan yang menakutkan pejabat perdana menteri sehingga terpaksa mengarahkan polis menangkap beberapa orang yang sedang mengadakan sambutan ulang tahun kelahiran Altantuya Shaaribuu ke-31 di depan pejabat tersebut di Putrajaya.

Apa kena mengena Altantuya dengan pejabat perdana menteri sehingga mengarahkan polis menangkap kumpulan tersebut. Kalau kumpulan sambut harijadi ini tidak dilayan sekalipun, tanggapan ramai sudah tentu menganggap mereka ini gila.Apakah betul kumpulan itu, orang sudah mati disambut hari ulang tahun kelahiran? Ini mesti kerja orang gila. Ada yang kata kalau dilayan orang gila kita juga yang gila.

Tiga pemuda yang ditahan iaitu Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Saufi Mihat dan Sani Md Shah dibebaskan dengan jaminan polis daerah Putrajaya, tempat mereka ditahan, kira-kira jam 11.15 semalam selepas 24 jam di lokap. Selain tiga orang aktivis Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) itu, turut disiasat pemimpin PKR Badrul Hisham Shaharin yang mengepalai perkumpulan tersebut dan temannya Nor Azizi Abdul Aziz di ibu pejabat polis daerah berkenaan.Badrul Hisham memberitahu, ketiga mereka dibebaskan dengan jaminan polis selama sebulan. Katanya: �Dalam tempoh tersebut, mereka akan dipanggil untuk memberi keterangan kepada polis."Itu satu kisah 'hantu' yang cukup menakutkan pejabat perdana menteri.

Kisah kedua 'badi' pilihan raya kecil yang seolah-olah bertimpa-timpa atas kepala perdana menteri. Bagaimanapun Najib mengambil beberapa pendekatan bagi mengelak berlakunya pilihan raya kecil.Masih ingat tidak lagi tentang perancangan mahu menggagalkan pilihan raya kecil di Penanti. Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) tiba-tiba bertindak awal mengumumkan bekas Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1, Pulau Pinang, Mohamad Fairus Khairuddin tidak bersalah.

Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) pula mengambil masa lama untuk mengumumkan kekosongan kerusi tersebut dengan harapan Fairus menarik balik perletakan jawatan Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Penanti.Bagaimanapun Najib tetap menerima nasib malang, gagal menyekat kemaraan 'badi' pilihan raya kecil yang terpaksa diadakan juga pada 31 Mei ini. Namun begitu harapan Najib agak cerah bagi mengelak badi pilihan raya kecil berulang selepas Penanti. Isu Adun Bukit Lanjang, Elizebeth Wong tidak dibesarkan bagi mengelak badi bertimpa ke atas beliau.Najib juga terpaksa berfikir panjang dan mengarahkan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Datuk Hishamuddin Hussein melepaskan Adun Kota Alam Shah, M Manoharan di bawah tahanan Akta Keselamatan Dalan Negeri (ISA).

Sebelum ini Manoharan memberitahu beliau akan meletak jawatan Adun kerana tidak berfungsi sebagai wakil rakyat selagi berada dalam tahanan ISA. Ternyata cara Manoharan berkesan kerana Najib amat perit dengan 'badi' pilihan raya kecil.Akhirnya Hishamuddin hari ini, mengumumkan tiga pemimpin Hindraf yang masih berada di kem tahanan Kamunting, bersama 10 yang lain akan dibebaskan daripada kurungan ISA.Beliau membuat pengumuman demikian di sidang media khas di Putrajaya sebentar tadi.

Tiga pemimpin itu termasuk Manoharan, dan penasihat undang-undang Hindraf, P Uthayakumar.Dalam masa Najib gagal mengatasi masalah supaya tidak berlakunya pilihan raya kecil di Penanti, beliau turut tertekan dengan kemungkinan pilihan raya kecil di Bukit Lanjang apabila Adunnya, Elizebeth Wong mahu meletak jawatan berikutan tersebarnya gambar beliau sedang tidur di internet.Pada mulanya bekas Menteri Besar Selangor, Datuk Seri Mohamad Khir Toyo cuba mengambil kesempatan daripada isu itu dan memainkan peranan bagi menjatuhkan Adun tersebut tetapi selepas itu beliau membisu seribu bahasa akibat tekanan pihak atasan yang tidak mahu melihat pilihan raya kecil.

Namun begitu, sejak akhir ini ada usaha laman maya tertentu yang pro Umno cuba membangkit semula isu Eli tersebut. Bagaimanapun melihat daripada ketakutan Najib dengan badi pilihan raya kecil kemungkinan laman tersebut akan turut diberi peringatan.Kalau Khir sudah tidak berani menjatuhkan Adun Bukit Lanjang, apakah laman tersebut bersedia untuk bertanggungjawab sekiranya berlaku pilihan raya kecil di Bukit Lanjang yang badinya amat menakutkan Najib? - mns _

Dari Blog Zulkifli Noordin:
Salam 2 all.If there is any doubt as to what extend the Be End Malaysia Bolehland slogan can be stretched, yesterday's incident at and around the august Dewan Undangan Negeri Perak went beyond any wildest imagination.Outside the DUN, don't even think of wearing black t-shirt, unless you have some free time to spend in the police lock up. Where else can having a tehtarik at mamak stall can land you in a police blackmaria! One can forgive any tourist if he were to think that the pig that cause the pig-flu has arrived in Ipoh..the scene of police barracading almost the whole sleepy Ipoh town is reminiscent of the red-army attack in Thailand.

The snatch thieves and mat rempit must have their field day yesterday..as almost the whole police force was swarming the DUN and area surrounding it.Inside the DUN is no better. The Yang Berhormat has really turn themselves into Yang Berukmad..and I thought the Zoo Negara has been moved from Ulu Klang to Jln Panglima Bukit Gantang, Ipoh!The circus began from the press of the button. There is no "sitting" of the dewan yesterday as everybody was practically standing.The Yang Berukmads' behaviour yesterday will put Yang Merempit to shame.

They demonstrate their true color..their behaviour resembles those of lawbreakers and not lawmakers. There was a lot of shouting, shoving, climbing, running, swarming. Even fist flying..not to mention the hard earned ringgit torn to pieces. One of the Yang Berukmad even got his buttons torn off, exposing his hairy belly. Even the Taiwanese legislators, well known for their rampage, would give their "Perak counterpart" a double-salute.And the police..what on earth are they doing in the Dewan.

Don't they have better things to do..what with rampant snatch thefts going on..to the extent of causing deaths to two pregnant young mother! What with the Mat Rempit menace putting the country at ransom with their lawlessness behaviour and rampage. And the police spent their whole force in that tiny dewan..to the the extent of abusing their manpower and time to physically drag the poor little Sivakumar out of his hard earned speaker's chair.

I think the police has demonstrated more than enough evidence that they're fast becoming Be End 15th component party.And to add salt to the injury..they got the cheek to say they need more manpower and money to combat the increasing crime rate in the country. I think we may have to send some of the man in blue to the psychiatrist to have their brain open and examine!07th of May will go down in the pages of history and be remembered as the One-Malaysia Darkday. The day the Lawmakers turn Lawbreakers.

The day the Yang Berhormat turn Yang Berukmad. The day where the desperados Be End turn everything upside down..If only the YBs can bring senses to their empty head. My strong advise to Zambry & the Gang, don't you people have any sense of self pride. Is there not an iota of humanity and self respect in your heart. Doesn't your conscience speak to you?Are you not ashame of your evil deed?You can call it what you like, you can hide behind the skirt of the man in blue, you can shield yourself behind the yellow colored shield, you can use those wigged fellas as your tool..but can you face the Almighty with all that evil deed! Do you have the balls to face the people of Perak in a state election.

Why not return to the people what is rightfully theirs.In case you don't understand, democracy is not merely about numbers, but it is about honor, it's about responsibility, it's about carrying the voice of the people. And the voice of the people in Perak is loud and clear, they outvoted you on 08 March 2008. They wanted change..and changed they did. You may have the money to buy people over, you may have the power to rob the people's wishes..but do you have the morality to face the people.

I challenge you Zambry & the gang, for at least once, be a human. Be a man.What you have done is a disgrace to the history of the country. Don't you ever fear that the day will come that the next generation will pass by your dirty grave and piss on it..To my Pakatan comrade, we should be proud with ourselves. Don't stoop to their dirty low level politics.What they are doing is just expediting their inevitable demise..they are digging their own dirty grave. It's only a matter of time.For me, we should adopt the more civilised and honorable way of battling it. Fight it out in the Court of Law..parade the best legal eagle we have and outwit Be End in the niceties of legal jargons.

Let the wigged fellas up there decide. While we exhaust all the legal avenues, don't forget to convince His Majesty the Sultan to dissolve the DUN. The Tuanku is after all a former legal eagle anyway. He may come to some senses if we can convince him..we need a good diplomat and highly skilled and respected negotiator to present it to the Tuanku. And we have them within our circle..the big names like the highly respected Professor Datuk Visu Sinnadurai, His Excellency the former Ambassador Dato Yeop Adlan Che Rose and many others.. Tap their skill and talent, convince His Maesty the Tuanku to dissolve the DUN.And if all that fail, don't worry, we have the final Court...the Mahkamah Rakyat..the People's Court. I am very sure and convince that the "judges" in the Mahkamah Rakyat are as eager as us to hammer the final nail to the Be End's coffin.

I am more than convince that the Be End's days are numbered. The installation of Najib as their 6th PM put the final nail to the RAHMAN theory. The eNd for Be eNd is near.So why stoop to their low level when we are riding high with the rakyat.Maintain our dignity, be honorable and respectable, walk tall as the real Wakil Rakyat, be proud that the final "judges" are with us.. And when that day do come..we can always look back with pride and dignity..that we are the Lawmakers and not Lawbreakers...that we are the Yang Berhormat and not the Yang Berukmad..May ALLAH bless us all..may ALLAH bring us the light of justice and fairplay to rid this One-Malaysia Darkday of 07th May 2009.

Zulkifli Bin NoordinAhli Parlimen Kulim B.BharuFriday 13 Jamadil Awal 143008th May 2009

Mahathir dan Pak Lah diterima rakyat dengan baik ketika mereka memulakan tugasnya sebagai Perdana Menteri. Sebaliknya rakyat menyambut Najib dengan penuh curiga ekoran dari berbagai ‘skandal’ yang menyelubungi kehidupannya.

Apa yang kita sangat bimbangkan ialah kalau Najib juga akan mengambil pendekatan menutup kesalahan dengan kesalahan lain bagi membersihkan namanya.

Untuk tujuan membersihkan dan menjaga namanya, ada kemungkinan kebebasan media akan ditarik balik dan media akan dipastikan berada di bawah penguasaannya. Kebebasan bersuara akan disekat melalui undang-undang yang digubal.

Sekali lagi kita bakal akan melihat zaman gerhananya demokrasi akan berulang di Malaysia, dimana Polis, BPR dan makamah tidak lagi bebas, yang akan dikuasai oleh pemimpin politik bagi mengekalkan kuasa mereka. Media perdana dan SPR juga akan terus diperalatkan untuk mengekalkan kemenangan dalam pilihanraya.

Kemungkinan besar sekali lagi kita kembali ke zaman autokratik, PM menjadi orang yang paling berkuasa, kata-katanya adalah perintah yang mesti dipatuhi tanpa boleh dipersoal.
Agensi-agensi kerajaan sewenangnya akan dipergunakan sebagai jentera dan alat propaganda parti yang memerintah. Kita akan ditakut-takutkan melalui kursus-kursus Bina Negara atau kursus yang sewaktu dengannya.

Di masa itu pilihanraya yang diadakan hanyalah sekadar topeng untuk mengesahkan Negara kita sebuah Negara yang mengamalkan demokrasi.

Masih saya ingat lagi kata-kata sinis Dr. Mahathir, “Sayalah satu-satunya diktator di dunia yang terpilih melalui pilihanraya”.

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